Business Coaching for Business Owners

Strategic Planning to Grow Your Business with Actionable Steps

You are probably here because you are overwhelmed or frustrated with not getting the results and rewards out of your business. You don’t have to do it alone.  As your coach and consultant, you have me to lean on as your right hand, and a key business partner who helps you optimize your talents and resources while balancing your priorities. I help you lead your business at the highest level, while keeping you on track to stay focused, happy, and healthy. You will build great relationships, alliances, habits and structure your dream business. I help you make the best decision at all times– whether it is a high level strategic decision, handling a tough economy, evaluating growth initiatives, or professional crisis management. 

Benefits of business coaching and consulting:

Business Development: More and Higher Quality Clients. We will implement both organic referral and social media strategies and cutting edge digital marketing strategies that bring you qualified prospects, while implementing a high-converting intake system and sales process. This will result in more and higher quality clients for your company.

Revenue Growth. We will leverage your company’s growth opportunities and leverage points.

More Profitability. We’ll clean up inefficiencies in your business so it runs like a well-oiled machine. We’ll cut out the fat, fix the leaky buckets, and implement controls to enhance and measure your business’ profitability. More ROI on your investment.

Improve LeadershipI provide the objective view point that you really need. You’ll spend more time working ON your business not IN your business. You will hire the right team at the right time. And your office will have a better culture with your top notch leadership.

Time management: Protect your time and get more freedom with clear office procedures.

Increased Productivity: Your office will run much more smoothly because your team will know what to do. Less fires to put out and interruptions for you. Plus, your office will make money without you being there.

More Satisfied Clients: Better service due to a proper training will result in more referrals, better reviews.

Co-leader Conflict ResolutionMaking things more productive and clear. Strategizing ways to get your company back on the path to its mutual core values.  Navigating and resolving conflict and communication differences and problems between the co-leaders. 

Fast Results. We will move fast and accomplish in months what would have taken years on your own.

If this sounds good to you, take action now to change the trajectory of your business. Schedule a free strategy session to learn more and see if you quality, or call us at 213-357-1768. I can guarantee this hour will be extremely valuable to you and your company’s success.

Business Results We Deliver:

Strategic Planning & Execution

Get a business plan that works and has real growth strategies and action steps are clear. No more winging it.

Systems for Everything

No more chaos. Business systems will be implemented to run and connect your business areas and operations to turn into into a well-oiled machine.

High ROI on Investment

Help you solve business challenges without hiring many different employees to figure it out. Identify leaky buckets & cut costs.

Marketing DFY

Analysis of current marketing efforts and business development. We create a marketing and digital lead generation plan.

Leadership Training

Lead at the highest level of success. Manage your team with KPIs. Create a culture that retains the great team.

Increased Profitability

Identify inefficiencies and implement best practices quickly. No more run away expenses and more money in your pocket.

How does Business Coaching Work?

We will figure out your biggest challenges to having the business you want and prioritize them. Then we will come up with solutions to the biggest impact areas. We create a strategic business plan to get us from where you are now to where you want to be. All areas of the business are covered with our advisory services.

As a successful attorney, a serial entrepreneur 7+ figures, and catalyst to clients who have grown over 9 figure companies, I know exactly what it takes to catapult you to business success.  

Our programs are private 1:1 (not group or cookie cutter) so you can get the fastest results possible and accomplish in months what would take years.  Support is available to you 24/7 by email and text. You will also get emergency phone sessions between calls. You won’t be stuck between our weekly sessions because you have exclusive access to Jacquelyn.

The best thing to do is to schedule a time for us to talk about your business challenges. I offer a complimentary strategy session to discuss your needs and how I can help you, see if you qualify, and whether we are a great fit. . Take action today. You will get great value from the strategy session!



“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision”