Peak Performance Coaching

Personal Coaching for Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals 

Enabling you to Perform at Your Peak and Live Your Best Life

I am a confidant, strategic advisor, and sounding board to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and high net worth individuals  Most peak performance clients consider me their right hand, and a key business and personal partner who helps them optimize their talents and resources while balancing their priorities. I help you lead your life and business at the highest level, while keeping you on track to stay focused, happy, and healthy. You will build great relationships, alliances, habits and structure your dream life. Would an innovative and experienced coach help you to have more time to spend on your passions and where you make your impact?

As a strategic thought leader, with hands-on experience helping high achievers and high net worth clients build their businesses and dream lives, I help you make the best decision at all times– whether it is a high level strategic decision, handling a tough matter, evaluating growth initiatives, or personal or professional crisis management. 

Always exhibiting a combination of tact, diplomacy, and professionalism, I am unapologetically relentless in helping you stay out of the weeds, practice optimal living and living your best life. As a former trial attorney, a serial entrepreneur, and catalyst to clients who have grown to over 9 figure companies, I know exactly what it takes to support you to achieve peak performance. You can absolutely count on the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality.

Some of the Ways We Can Help You

Living up to Your Potential

Serve as the catalyst to master the skills and habits to utilize all of your talent to win big.

Performance Under Pressure

Help you discover what is holding you back from top performance under pressure and conquering it.

Empower you to Excel

Help you build new business muscles with insights, guidance, and skills that allow you to perform at your highest potential.

Confidant and Mentor

Listen and provide sound advice on confidential matters for best decision making to win big. Always have your back.

Lead like a Winner

Help you choose well and lead at the highest level of success. Magnetize others to want to follow you.

Being the "Glue"

Ensure cohesion within your goals, team, personal life, and habits to create a winning plan that makes you happy.

You are likely here because you know you need help, but may not be certain exactly what you need.  

I offer a complimentary session to discuss your needs and how I can help you. We will both determine if we are a great fit.

All of my services are custom designed for you, because I know you deserve a customized concierge service. I only work with clients who I know I can help and that there is a a great fit.  Don’t wonder any longer! 


I was shocked that Jacquelyn actually helped me. I never believed that a business coach could tell me how to conduct business so much better than I already was, but she did! She is astute and strategic.

Michael Wallach

Theatrical Agent and Manager

Most insightful person I know. Highly recommend hiring Jacquelyn as your peak performance and business coach.

Dr. Mark Fly


I loved that Jacquelyn was always in my corner. Jacquelyn helped me overcome fear. Within 2 months of working with her I was making $30K more.

Stephanie Myers


J is an insightful and motivational coach that helps you recognize your potential, tap into your strengths and implement action towards attainable goals in both the professional and persona arenas of your life. Truly SPECIAL!!

Dr. Tim Rose


“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision”