One Pivot Session

Immediate Solutions for a Pressing Issue.

Are you an entrepreneur,  business owner, or CEO who needs immediate help with a specific pressing issue or topic? I now offer single pivot sessions to help you get quick analysis, strategy and solutions to pressing problems or issues.

This single confidential session is for you if you want a world-class consultant and advisor to help solve a problem, get clarity on an issue, or help you make a tough decision that you are struggling with. I will quickly dissect what is going on and offer you several viable options to end your stress and get your business going back in the right direction! 


How You Can Use Your Session

Solve a Problem

Get immediate help with a specific pressing problem relating to any issue. I can help you figure things out quickly and provide many possible solutions. Ease your mind.

Get Clarity on an Issue

Whether you are uncertain about a strategy, client relationship, marketing, or personal issue, I can help you resolve your uncertainty and doubt. Increased confidence.

Conquer Overwhelm

Utilize a confidant and mentor during a stressful time and help you to turn your mindset around. Calm the anxiety of decision fatigue. Make decisions to move forward successfully.


I was shocked that Jacquelyn actually helped me. I never believed that a business coach could tell me how to conduct business so much better than I already was, but she did! She is astute and strategic.

Michael Wallach

Theatrical Agent and Manager

Most insightful person I know. Highly recommend hiring Jacquelyn as your advisor.

Dr. Mark Fly


I loved that Jacquelyn was always in my corner. Jacquelyn helped me overcome fear. Within 2 months of working with her I was making $30K more.

Stephanie Myers


J is an insightful and motivational coach that helps you recognize your potential, tap into your strengths and implement action towards attainable goals in both the professional and personal arenas of your life. Truly SPECIAL!!

Dr. Tim Rose


Do You Have Any Questions?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.  It is important to me that you have no hesitation in your investment. You will get strategy and solutions that you can execute to make significant progress after our session.

How much is one session?

One session is $695 for 75 minutes and it includes Jacquelyn’s prior review of any relevant information relating the the issue at hand.

How are sessions conducted?

You can choose either to be done on the telephone or zoom.  After you schedule the session, you will be given the opportunity to choose and submit any relevant information.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is an entrepreneur, small business owner or CEOs with a pressing problem who knows that this an investment (rather than a cost) and can afford it with ease.

How long is the Pivot Session?

Your pivot session will be 75 minutes on the phone or zoom.  It also includes a pre-review by Jacquelyn of pertinent information essential to solving your issue or problem.

How do I book a Pivot Session?

Click on this link to pick a time on my calendar or you can email us at

Is this confidential?

Absolutely. Our session is 100% confidential and private.

Are you ready?

A pivot session can make a tremendous impact on you right now!  It is designed to resolve one issue or challenge, and together, we can unpack the issue, get clarity, create solutions, and implement an actionable plan. This one session can be extremely powerful in helping you get unstuck and changing your trajectory.