What Our Clients Have to Say

I loved that Jacquelyn was always in my corner. She’s extremely intuitive and took the time to get to know me on a personal level, helping me to increase my confidence.

She went through my entire career history, helping me to learn (and heal) from prior business experiences so that I would continue to grow and excel in my business.  She coached me on things like establishing rapport, interoffice politics, and cultivating good relationships with co-workers.

Jacquelyn helped me overcome fear.  I would say that for me this was the most valuable thing I got out of working with her because it changed me on a profound level.  I felt significantly more confident.  My perspective of myself improved. She encouraged me to know my worth and I felt I had significant value to offer, which I believe ultimately translated into better performance.  Jacquelyn also encouraged me to not limit myself, but to dream big and know my worth.  Plus, within 2 months of working with her I was making $30K more a month.

If you are considering working with Jacquelyn, I’d tell you to get ready to watch your life elevate on every level.  She will go to bat for you and that you’re in good hands!

Steph Myers

Most insightful person I know. Highly recommend hiring Jacquelyn as your Advisor.

Dr. Mark Fly

Jacquelyn is an insightful and motivational coach that helps you recognize your potential, tap into your strengths and implement action towards attainable goals in both the professional and personal arenas of your life.  Truly SPECIAL!!


Tim Rose