Jacquelyn Van Tuyl

Holistic Business Coach

A holistic business coach can help you transform your business and life. While a traditional business consultant is hired to evaluate the business and improve operations and increase revenue, a holistic business coach looks at everything. Holistic essentially means “whole” and indicates an all-encompassing approach to analyzing the business and its owner. 

A holistic business coach looks at the strategic and functional aspects of the business, and considers every aspect of you, the owner of the business.  To help you get phenomenal results, the analysis includes areas where you may need personal support, values, beliefs, and your personal definition of success.

What are the Signs that I Need a Holistic Business Coach?

1. You feel stuck in your business.

If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or you may be having self-limiting beliefs.  A holistic business coach can work with you on improving your mindset.  Mindset coaching may include overcoming both conscious and unconscious inner feelings of self-doubt and fear.  The holistic coach can help you clear the blocks that keep you stuck. You will also get support and encouragement to help you make these changes and move forward. 

To get the most out of mindset coaching, openness and self-awareness on your part to accept that you need to make personal changes to operate at your peak performance.  Taking responsibility and being vulnerable is your first step to successfully eliminating mindset roadblocks.  Flipping the switch in your head can have long-lasting results because you will spend less time feeling stuck or anxious- and you can create new patterns and habits of behavior.

2. Need help with work-life balance.

As an entrepreneur, it may seem nearly impossible to separate your life from business completely. Both are intricately connected. Yet, many entrepreneurs, exceptionally high-performing ones, struggle to manage both, often overcompensating in one area while dropping the ball in other areas.

There are no clear lines between work and play unless you commit to taking charge of your personal life.  If you feel like work-life balance is challenging, a holistic business coach can definitely help you to prioritize and manage your conflicting demands.

Benefits of Holistic Coaching

1. Get aligned or re-aligned with your purpose

A lack of a purpose will likely lead to confusion, and this confusion can be stressful and discouraging at the same time. An entrepreneur CEO often finds themself at some point in their business journey feeling overwhelmed, bored, or even frustrated by the business. You may have lost your passion or lost track of why you are even doing your  business. Or the pure endurance of high stress for very long periods can exhaust and distract you.

The added stress that manifests from being out of alignment with your purpose may show up in many forms. Some of these include failed relationships, inability to connect with your loved ones, a lack of motivation to continue in your business, unhealthy habits, sleep deprivation, and an overall failure to properly tend to your responsibilities.

If you’re at that place in your business where things appear foggy, or you feel your stress levels rising, but you aren’t sure why you may benefit from hiring a holistic coach who can help you to identify the areas and things that hold you back.  This examination and clear articulation of the “why” behind your business will help reignite the fire in your belly, making you decide to be an entrepreneur. 

You’ve always got to know your WHY.

2. Learn to Practice Self-Care.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it is imperative to take care of yourself.  If you don’t practice self-care, burnout can lead to business failings and personal disaster.  Your coach may introduce you to wellness practices such as mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and journaling.  These practices enhance the importance of well-being in your life.

Self-care is essential to business owners. One of the most basic forms of self-care is scheduling time away from “the office.” While this seems so basic, the lines can blur between work and play when you are an entrepreneur. It is tough to “close” the business, and sometimes it seems like you have a perpetual “open” sign.  Block scheduling free time can be helpful to the psyche and increase productivity. Other forms of important self-care may include eating right, exercise, massage or salon services, outdoor time, personal relationships, and proper sleep.

Mindfulness is a way of living where you intentionally pay attention to thoughts and feelings that you experience.  It is all about living in the moment and being fully present.  The benefits you may experience are reduction of stress, improved performance, insightfulness, and increased empathy. 

Meditation can help you become a more conscious leader.  It comes in many formats.  Sometimes it is closely linked to the mindfulness discussed above.  It is a very personal practice, so the format will depend on what works for the individual.  Many highly successful entrepreneurs have practiced meditation, including Joe Rogan, Jeff Weiner, and Arianna Huffington. Benefits include better focus, memory, better relationships, and reduced stress. Learning and practicing meditation is available through apps, youtube.com, and podcasts.

Visualization can be used to create positive change in an entrepreneur’s life. It includes focusing on a mental image of the life you want rather than the possible negative outcomes. Believing in your visualization may help you manifest it.  Visualization may include vision boards. The idea is to focus on the present and feel the emotions of living the life you visualize. You need to have a clear vision to execute on it! 

Many celebrities use vision boards, including Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, and Sarah Blakely. use visualization for success.

Journaling is a practice undertaken by many successful entrepreneurs. It is a way to sort through our thoughts and memorializing our experiences, thoughts, and ideas.  It is beneficial in releasing thoughts, preserving thoughts, and coming up with solutions.  Journaling can be very effective when you feel a sense of overwhelming approaching, or you need to make sense of what is happening.  It is instrumental when combined with scheduled time off. There are journal apps, but many entrepreneurs prefer paper journals.

One advantage to paper journals is that when you reread prior entries, it may evoke the exact place and state of mind you felt while writing it.  Either way, journaling may help you get clarity and find solutions in a meaningful way. 

3. Self-Awareness

A holistic business coach will dig deep into your “why” of your business. You will gain a lot of self-awareness of who you are and why you are doing what you do.  Some of the things that will be uncovered could be considered weaknesses that you need to work on. Openness to the feedback and a willingness to work on potential improvement areas will take your business and personal life to the next level.


In summary, a holistic business coach can be your ‘secret weapon’ that takes you from struggling to soaring. She can help you overcome the limiting beliefs, mindset challenges, performance, and lifestyle issues that may impede your growth. Her holistic coaching services are a worthy investment in your business’s future.